Parking Garages

A2 Parking Garage

  • 3 Lower Levels, 3 Above Grade
  • 1,128 parking spaces
  • Poured in place
  • 65,366 SF Lot
  • 5 Acres
  • 374,796 Gross SF

C3A Parking Garage

  • 7 levels above Grade
  • 1,190 parking spaces
  • Precast
  • 63,825 SF Lot
  • 46 Acres
  • 396,480 Gross SF
  • All Innovation District garages will be operated by Global Parking Systems (GPS) partnered with ACE Parking.
  • All Innovation District uses are parked at 3.25 cars per 1,000 SF.
  • Garages will be 100% automated operations not only for the convenience of our tenant users but also security.
  • All garages will lease their top floors for a nominal sum to accommodate the solar panels necessary for the Innovation District 8MGW microgrid.
  • The dead corners of each garage will be leased for a nominal sum to the Innovation District Microgrid to house small gas-driven micro generators plus large solar batteries for storage. All buildings within the Innovation District will be provided 100% green sustainable backup energy.
  • All garages will include electric car charging stations for our energy and environmental conscious tenants.

Through our parking system partnerships, garages will provide cutting-edge, innovative technology, improving parking efficiency with guidance systems, customer service and adapting to tenant’s profiles.