Homer G. Phillips
Full-Service Hospital


The full-service Homer G. Phillips Hospital and Behavioral Facility are called Phases 2 and 3 (M2 and M3) and are included as part of the Academic Medical Campus at HealthWorks Village. The Certificate of Need (CON) laws of the State of Missouri demand to start a new hospital, you must begin with a 3-bed hospital including an ER. Once the small M1 Phase 1 is completed and operational for a minimum of one year plus one day, you then can open a full-service hospital under that CON. This has always been the plan for Homer G. Phillips Hospital.

Construction started on Phase 1 (M1) Hospital in August of 2020 with plans to open in August 2021. Therefore, programming and planning plus the complete design/build process has begun with Lamar Johnson Collaborative (LJC) and Clayco and is now under construction.

Also, over two years ago, the Homer G. Phillips Hospital Board hired Fred Mills as the CEO and Fred has been shepherding the development. Fred is both a seasoned and experienced healthcare executive who ran Missouri Baptist Medical Center where he and Paul McKee met while together in BJC Healthcare. Fred not only understands what it takes to deliver outstanding patient care and quality but also has deep roots and respect in the St. Louis Physician community which is a key to success.

The full-service Homer G. Phillips Hospital and Behavioral Facility (M1, M2 and M3) are integral to the entire Academic Healthcare Campus anchored by Ponce Health Sciences University (PHSU). All the campus buildings from the Academic Building to the Hospital are physically connected for students, interns and doctors to simply walk between uses. PHSU interns will work in all Homer G. Phillips Hospital facilities which then allows Homer G. Phillips Hospital to receive the Graduate Medical Education (GME) stipend which is the highest rate of reimbursement. Also, PHSU has one of the top Behavioral Medical Schools in the entire USA and will be providing consults to every patient discharged as well.

Dr. Lenihan is the CEO of PHSU and has led the way in providing medical education for minorities. At the Touro Medical School in Harlem, NY, he began to break the racial barriers while establishing exceptional rankings in graduate board test scores. He then with Tiber Health, purchased PHSU and has accomplished the same success in the Hispanic community.

Dr. Lenihan is also known for his program in “Cultural Competency”. In the reimbursement process, 5% of a hospital’s reimbursement is judged on patient satisfaction, which is huge. Except medical professionals are taught to treat all patients equally when the biology/physiology are the same, but their ethnicity and cultural customs are very different. Dr. Lenihan and PHSU have pioneered the teaching of culturally competent professionals from all over the world. PHSU students are sought after by many.

PHSU opened in the St. Louis Globe Building within NSR and graduated its first Master of Medical Science (MSMS) in the spring of 2018. The program continues to grow and they plan on opening the full medical school in the Globe Building by August 2021, which will eventually move to the NSR Academic Healthcare Campus starting in 2021 and completing in August 2023 with the Grand Opening of the PHSU Headquarters.

PHSU has a track record of +50% of their graduates staying and working in the community where they were trained, which is very good news for Homer G. Phillips Hospital and the St. Louis community.